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the chocolate effect

healing miracles of chocolate & compassion

Our stories may be different but the narrative is the same. It is all too common to find anxiety, depression, suicide, anger, guilt, shame, envy, jealousy and other "negative" emotions not only inside us but also all around us. While there's evidence that our genetic make-up has some influence, the so-called nature effect, there's no doubt, however, that the environment in which we are nurtured plays a significant role in shaping our personality. This battle between nature and nurture has been the subject of scientific studies for decades, if not centuries.


I believe strongly that nurture is the bigger culprit in the formation of our psyche and, therefore, in the resulting happiness or suffering of varying degrees. I am convinced that our separation from the creator, our divine mother, symbolized by the cutting of the umbilical cord creates the original separation anxiety. Our journey into the world of id, ego and super-ego - terms coined by Sigmund Freud in the 1920s to classify the developmental stages of our mental psyche - begins on that fateful day. At birth, our cries for help are misunderstood as normal and healthy. They are met with camera flashes, smiles, high-fives and congratulatory hugs among all those welcoming the arrival of a new life. Soon thereafter, our well-meaning caretakers, religious leaders, teachers, friends, family members, and other stakeholders in society begin to play a significant role in our lives. This societal hammer and chisel takes its inaugural hit at our innocent soul in an effort to carve a conforming statue of a human being. 


Ironically, the journey into a world of human suffering begins with the goal of happiness - for both the receiver and the giver of care during childhood. As we grow older, we find that happiness remains a distant goal despite all the material possessions. Anger, envy, and jealousy become out tools of survival in a crowded landscape where everyone is competing for the same slice of the happiness pie. While the lucky few do find the formula for happiness, for most, however, the results are completely opposite - anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, divorce, domestic violence and addictions become part of our common vocabulary. Happiness remains an elusive island separated by stormy seas.

My life was no different until I found a glimmer of hope amid all the darkness. In this book, I share this insight of hope to end our suffering through very simple and time-tested tools - the healing miracles of chocolate and compassion.


the chocolate effect : the healing miracles of chocolate and compassion is a journey into the proven healing miracles of chocolate and compassion on our body and soul. Find out how in this book that's filled with countless spiritual and scientific examples that are sure to provoke your inner curiosity. I recommend having a bag of dark chocolate nuggets within easy reach while reading it! Do consult your doctor before eating all that chocolate and if she objects, give her a copy of this book. Happy reading.

All profits from the sale of this book will be used towards the Projects for vulnerable, abused and abandoned children.


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