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A Song of Courage

Last night, through the storm, lightning and thunder, a bird sang with unbridled courage and joy. I want to be that bird. #courage

Life's storms harbor loud claps of lightning called suffering. For some, the shadow of their ego can still be seen even in the darkness of pain. Anger, hatred, envy, anxiety, addictions and depression become the arrows in our quiver to fight back or to try to stop the noise if disapproval and invalidation in our head. We just want peace. But, the darkness, the fog, and the loud thunder around us makes us forget that arrows shot in the dark seldom hit their target, if ever. They become one with darkness and lose themselves. For yet others, the veil of their ego is lifted by the brief but powerful lightning in the darkness of their life because their soul yearns to see clearly. They fight back with patience, compassion, humility, and gratitude as their soul knows that the hour is often darkest before its light again. That storms are a sign that the sky is about to clear up and will soon be filled with bright sunlight or the soothing glow of the moon. That we will be able to see clearly again.

Birds know this fact instinctively. They may lose all their younglings and eggs in a night's storm, they still welcome the arrival of the new day with boundless courage and joy. Their song expresses their gratitude to the Universe for the precious waking moments that harbor hope. A bird's song of courage, even in the face of destruction and death, is unbridled and full of joy. I also want to sing like the bird!

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