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Earth's Gratitude

Earth was dry, parched and thirsty. Rain showered its love on it. Earth's gratitude rose up as fragrance, one drop at a time!

The examples of gratitude and love abound in nature and they surround us each moment. Whether it is the warmth of the sun's rays after a cool night or birds singing with joy as they greet the arrival of a new day; whether it's the orange maple leaf dancing and twirling towards the earth after living a full life or it's the juicy, fragrant fruit that is bowing with humility to be picked; whether it's the blanket of stars twinkling with ecstasy on seeing the full moon or the clouds dissolving in the warmth of the Sun's love; whether it's the farmer's smile on seeing the fruits of his labor sprout bountifully, or it's the melodious song of the breeze as the leaves dance to its tune. We simply have to shift our awareness to deeply experience the magic of nature and offer our gratitude for its selfless love.

The reason such unblemished love thrives in nature is because there's complete validation of the other's existence. There's no ego center that seeks dominance over any other. Everything is in perfect harmony and balance. Imagine a world in which rivers were jealous of the ocean's expanse and depth; trees anchored by their roots were envious of the free-flowing breeze; flowers were angry at butterflies and bees for taking away their nectar; clouds were fearful of the sun lest they dissolve in its heat; and stars would fear daylight because they would fade away from sight albeit temporarily.

What would that world be like? It would be filled with anguish, pain, sorrow, fear, anxiety, jealousy, and conflict. Just like the human race. And the underlying reason for all this chaos would be something as simple as the clash of egos or the failure to acknowledge that everyone's truth is unique and equally valid. Yes, validation of the other's truth is a simple remedy to curing many corrosive human conditions that ail our society. And the best part about validating another is that one receives self-validation in return - without doing any extra work. To be sure, validation does not mean being in agreement or losing your own identity - it simply means honoring and accepting the truth of another even if you disagree with it.

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